Admission Requirements

An applicant must fulfill the following requirements in order to be admitted to Advantage College:
            1.         Provide an official transcript of a high school diploma.
            2.         Submit an application, along with a non-refundable application fee
                         of $50.00.
            3.         Provide a reference from your pastor or other church leader.
            4.         Be actively involved in a ministry at a local church while enrolled.
                        This is essential since a feature of the program is the application
                        and integration of the concepts being studied into a church-based
                        ministry.  The church or ministry is a “laboratory” of ministry. 
                        Your pastor or ministry supervisor must verify your ministry
                        assignment.  (This verification can be part of the reference letter
                        or form as required in #3.)

              G.E.D. APPLICANTS
  Applicants who have not completed high school requirements must submit a passing G.E.D. score and an official transcript of all completed high school credits.